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Spiritual Readings & Blessed Products in California

Open the doors of perception with spiritual readings by Queen Mother Ana, a spiritual adviser offering healing products in California. Known to all as Mama Ana, she has become household name like Jackie Stallone in the spiritual guidance industry. Averaging 1200 to 1400 calls per month, she provides a unique perspective on what is happening in your life.

Spiritual Readings—$3.24 per Minute

Regenerate, revitalize, and transform your spirit when you call in for spiritual readings. Working in the light, Mama Ana is a spiritual guide who creates credibility to build long-term trusting relationships while offering gentle guidance.

Awakening Awareness

For years Queen Mother Ana, has relayed stimulating news that has helped many awaken their awareness as a spirit. This in turn has helped many to further their spiritual growth.

Calming Sky

Blessed Healing Products

For those experiencing this growth period, Queen Mother Ana has developed many spiritually blessed healing products to assist you along this spiritual journey, including:

• Blessed Oils
• Specialty Soaps
• Gifts
• Herbs
• Botanical Blends
• Specialty Candles
• Essence Oils
• Resin Statues
• Resin Statues
• Bath Herbs
• Specialty Cakes

The altar for offering incense, is a way to a Positive way of aromatic therapy, for healthy thoughts, clearing OR REMOVING negative thoughts, and ideas. Creating thoughts that are: CLEAN, CLEAR, PERFECT, AND BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS.

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Toll Free: (888) 576-4865

6709 Latijera Blvd., Suite 155
Los Angeles, CA 90045

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