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Spiritual Guide in California

Blessed by the heavens above, Queen Mother Ana of California, can be your spiritual guide on your quest to become a better you. She helps you learn the pure process of unselfish thoughts using inner spiritual strength. Contact Mama Ana today to gain insight, that Ray of Light you know you think you feel.

Spiritual Clouds

Guiding You to the Light

Many today live under emotional pressure but Mama Ana provides a positive experience that helps you fully grasp the incredible significance of your unique relationship with loved ones and family. She helps you understand what's happening concerning:

• Your Job • Friends You're Not Sure About • Attuning to a Higher Level with God • Family Members • Lovers

Ladder to Heaven

Life Network Guidance

Shed light in dark areas of your life when you talk to spiritual guides and prayer warriors from Life Network Guidance by Queen Mother Ana. For 45 years, Mama Ana has gathered a team of spiritual guides and honest advisors whose spiraling influences the Light. People that Mother Ana has guided - they include:

• Students
• Business Entrepreneurs
• Physicians
• Educators
• Lawyers
• Senators

• Mayors
• Visual & Performing Artists
• Wives
• Husbands
• Renowned Journalists

• Elders
• Sufis
• Intellectuals
• Nutritionists
• Unknown She/Heroes


Queen Mother Ana

LEARN how to embrace your spiritual gifts, what they offer. Are you feeling ready for a closer connection with others yourself, power of god's anointment? Let's move honest ideas to experiences. Making decisions today! Call me.

FOR the last 45 years Queen Mother Ana has been a household word for she has been a master spiritual guide on many TV and radio programs. She has been the voice you've heard on numerous national spiritual lines. She have helped many with their dreams and showed how to change negative life events into positive life EVENTS.

FOR 5 decades her unique and special contribution to the community as a personal guide has added beauty, harmony, light, and order to our universe. Her special gifts help you to keep in touch with your higher self and aide in removal of any NEGATIVITY.

Sadness, despair and hopelessness can wear you OUT! THIS experience will open doors for you, within days that you thought have been closed for years. You will see what you want to OVERCOME.

Hello I’m your personal spiritual guide at Queen Mother Ana.

SHE is known as Mama Ana have been the voice you've heard on numerous national spiritual lines.

LIVING in full expression is about becoming aware and experiencing the different part of your personality that is responsible for decisions which created the direction and current condition of your LIFE.

Come awaken to your hopes and dreams! Learn how to embrace the gifts that your dreams offer. Are you ready for a closer CONNECTION with yourself, others or closer to god looking into your dreams now seeing what gifts they offer you, what is the real meaning ? What do they mean within 72-96 hours, what your dream is truly telling you? From 7 generations she shares.

AWAKEN to a new experience learning how to work your prayer with your dreams, embrace the gifts they offer you, to see how your dreams INSPIRE, CONSOLE, GUIDE you and challenge you, and yet heals you also.

DAY dreams that have your consideration: how to make MOO-LAH (money), pursue a creative interest, or move toward a major ambition. You couldn't ask for a better climate in which to conduct your dream survey. You never see things on the earth plane that are as clear, distinct, and colorful as they exist in DREAM TIME.

SOMETIMES you don't realize the amount of leverage you have. Sometimes you travel in dream time to places that you have yet to visit in your awaken physical travels. THAT grand house it's meaning! Why have you seen this dream before?

Mark 11:22-24 get the answer and true meaning, allow me to guide you to a healthy relationship, experience the truth in the heart of those you love, I will guide you to the possibilities that lay ahead on your journey today, in matter of your heart, your love relationship the truth, what in their heart. As you see in your dreams.

REKINDLE the fire. Accurate details healing energy restore the feelings. Rekindle the fire, recreate the excitement, and open the door for a greater relationship that is full of fun and lots of happy moments as you'll rekindle the warmth, the sparks, without fear.

Call me perfect love means to love the one through whom you became unhappy with!! Today you are going to set aside for a perfect occasion for love, how you will recreate your hidden feelings.

BRING back the feelings restore the fire, open the door for a great wonderful relationship that is full of fun and lots of happy moments daily, help you start thinking of the beauty that you are creating to keep the home fire burning, perhaps lighten new flames the art and beauty of your love in progress, another color can be added to this canvas, the canvas can be tightened during the editing.

So can love! 5*stars being the top what is missing in your love life, are you exploring, looking for an exciting adventure, charting the course of your love life. "Love is above conditioned thought. Love exists in the absence of excitement and divisive thoughts." WOW cannot stop thinking; this has been in the back of your mind perhaps the past two weeks. As I see it, you need to talk about how; the spark can be rekindles with tranquility. Peace of mind. Straight (direct) to the point! So let’s put your mind at ease today. The meaning of “commit, is to pledge. Engagement is to pledge oneself, to bind by a promise of marriage. Webster" is this what he/she is really thinking for 2013 a love healing time~ don't guess? /? Get answers! Will he/she commit this year? What is on his/her mind really? Know today call me.

35 yrs. certified - get honest answers today! A friend with wisdom 99.9 accurate 5* star rating! Queen Mother Ana is a friend that will help you come out of heavy duty, and get on gentle cycle with ease today peace of mind. Mama Ana honest inspirational affirmation.


Queen Mother Ana received a Congressional Medal in 2003, National Registry of 2003-2005, Registered at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. An article about her follows:

"Truth, Queen Mother Ana, royally walks into both communities of poverty, rich with material gain, and poor material gain. To teach practices of divineness, to share knowledge of eradication of poverty of spirit, as starting points of true successes and triumphs. She is a nurse to those who other diagnosed diseased in body and/or wounded spirits addicted with thoughts of defeat. Mama Ana is a scented mangrove branch who has risen into a position of sacred baobab influence and blessedness, yet is graceful, pure, overflowing with unselfishness. Just within a few minutes and a few words the results a calmer you seeing clarity and the ability to be able to obtain your desires and improve your patience, endurance, ambitions, inner peace, and joy. This call will help you take pleasure from daily activities, and regard the meaningful look in your life, help you hold a positive self-image and regard yourself worth, in your relationships, work, your life, and your investments and time, just being aware, and the beauty of it all, as you will see within hours what you are improving.

Mama Ana is that reality who goes beyond ideas. Direct experience is the only way to experience Mama Ana's spiraling influences that reveal one’s own heart lights. Giving you inspirational affirmation. Answers are not always what you want to hear, but they are truthful, inhaling problems and exhale solutions as it open new doors."

If you don't want the truth, and positive solutions, do not call me. I truly look forward to answering your questions. Proverb 2:1-8 call me. Also email readings 3 question $30.00 added questions 3.00 each new question. In same reading.